You actually don't need to add your signature to a contract created and sent through Creating and sending the contract from your account indicates your acceptance and agreement to the contract items and clauses you've included. This is based on the ESIGN act passed by Congress in 2000. That act ensures the validity and legal effect of contracts and agreements entered electronically, and also defines an 'electronic signature' as any electronic means that indicates a person adopts and agrees to the contents of an electronic message.

While that may sound complex it can be seen in something as simple as an agreement made by 2 parties through email, or can be seen each time we click "I Agree" to a website's or app's Terms of Service. In those cases a signature is rarely given, but the agreement is still legally made.

Currently only clients have the ability to add their signature to an contract. Even though a signature is not needed by the contract creator, we will be adding that ability in a future update. Either way you can rest assured that you have legally agreed to your contracts each time you create and send them to your clients.

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